International Patient Care


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We give quality care to patients who might look for advanced treatment abroad and coming back to the UAE post-treatment or any medical procedure. For patients voyaging abroad, Premier Home Medical and Health care can give a Licensed Skilled Nurse as a patient escort for the trip too amid the patient’s stay abroad.

For patient coming back to the UAE post-treatment or surgery, we can give clinical care at home through our authorized medical caretakers, doctors and physiotherapists. Whether patients getting universal treatment are experiencing post-surgery injury, constant ailment, stroke or other neurological maladies, our clinical team can provide care modified to patient needs in the privacy of their home.

Our talented medical management can be conveyed to patients on a 24 hour or 12-hour shift premise, seven days a week when they require constant medicinal care and observing by an authorized clinical expert. We can give clinical care through discontinuous home medical nurse and physiotherapist visits as well.

Our International Patient Care Program incorporates Wound Care, Senior Care, Physiotherapy, Patient Escort Nurse Services, Post-Operative Care and Pediatric Care.